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The time has come.

Just a random thought that makes me feel like switching my attention to this site.It means that I would share my personal stuff here instead of facebook start from now.I hope that this would be a new start for me in the sense of striving harder in every aspect from inside out in 2012.

By the way,I’m feeling stress for the coming exam.Being stressful wouldn’t help me or push me harder to attain my goal.Anyway,I know I’m gotta switch back to a positive mood.Yea,*enjoy* the study moment.This is what I shall remind myself.

Anyway,WELCOME my dearest final examination  which will be commenced on the coming Wednesday.This will be deemed as the toughest examination in my life.6 subjects which I will be going to sit for without an adequate preparation and proper mental requirement to deal with it.Well,what I’ve got to do now is to well use the very limited time to study everything.Chinese New Year is over.Everything has come to an end and I am willing to make a new change.It is not for myself,but many reasons lie within.

Good night,my beloved ah bii Qi Fang and Grandma.

Good night,papamama,jiejie,meimei,dearest aunt and two little twin babies.

Goodbye Permas Jaya,I will come back soon after exam.

and HELLO,Melaka and also the bloody hell exam.

Wish me and my friends the best of luck.

My Lord Buddha,please sustain my friends and I throughout the coming examination.Shine on us and give us strength so that we can persist it till the end.


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